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Funky Sunshine

The short story..  Funky Sunshine is an eclectic collection of handmade funky goods and tie dye made for you and your home. Everything is 100% unique and made with lots of love ensuring no item will be the same! :)

We are inspired by everyday items being recycled and reused into something better. 

Our sole purpose is to spread love through color and art, good vibes, and hugs! We host 9 local Artists, as well as local music to help spread their unique love and light as well!

Anything but ordinary. Nothing but extraordinary!




If you aren't familiar with the Funky Sunshine way, please, poke around and check us out! If we did our jobs right, you should be smiling soon! Life is beautiful and we want to spread the good vibes and love!


and as always:  Be Kind friends!


Stephanie, Casey, and Holly


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Father's Day Tie Dye

June 17th . 2pm - 5pm


First Day of Summer Open Tie Dye

June 21st . 4 - 7pm


Open Tie Dye

July 7th . 4pm - 7pm


Open Tie Dye

July 11th . 3pm - 6pm


Open Tie Dye

July 26th . 3pm - 6pm


Open Tie Dye

July 28th . 3pm - 6pm


Open Tie Dye

August 1st . 3pm - 6pm


Open Tie Dye

August 11th . 3pm - 6pm


Open Tie Dye

August 16th . 3pm - 6pm

Mats for the Homeless

Have you ever passed a stranger on the street and wished there was something you could do to help? What if we told you there was a way to recycle your old plastic grocery bags into a sleeping mat for those in need? Well, where there's a will, there is always a way! Join us at our first get together to assemble mats for the homeless!
We have a donation bin set up inside the store to collect plastic bags. It takes about 500 - 1,000 bags to make one mat. The process includes cutting the bags into strips, joining the strips, and crocheting them together. It's no small feat to make even one mat. We would love as many helping hands as we can get! Especially those who already know how to crochet!
If you have plastic bags to donate, please bring them with you!
We will have snacks and refreshments, but you are welcome to bring your own! This is a free event, we would love your help and support in this venture with us!


We are trying to host at least one Mat event a month (except throughout the summer). Stay tuned for an updated list of dates! 

Due to our busy summer vending schedule, and low turn-out of these events during summer months we have suspended our Mats program. We will resume work on these mats, and hosting more events in September!


Upcoming Vending Dates:

Don't worry even with the open storefront we will continue vending!! 


June 28th - July 1st - Family Reunion

Terrapin Hill Farms. Harrodsburg, KY


July 6th - Subs N Subs

Hannon's Camp America. Oxford, OH


July 14th - Fire in Your Mouth, Fire in the Sky 

Hannon's Camp America. Oxford, OH


July 22nd - 24th - Miami Valley Music Festival

Troy, OH


August 4th & 5th - The Hippie Fest

Hocking Hills, OH


August 24th - 26th - OHMSTEAD 

Hannon's Camp America. Oxford, OH


STAY TUNED for more events in our 2018 schedule! 

Featured Artists within Funky Sunshine

Connect with us on our social media accounts to stay updated on all the fun new things we are getting into! We also post behind the scenes action, coupons, sales, and contest! 

Instagram @funksunshine

Background photo courtesy of Nicole Berger.

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