Funky Sunshine
Funky Sunshine

Funky Sunshine

The short story..  Funky Sunshine is an eclectic collection of handmade funky goods and tie dye made for you and your home. Everything is 100% unique and made with lots of love ensuring no item will be the same! :)

We are inspired by everyday items being recycled and reused into something better. 

Our sole purpose is to spread love through color and art, good vibes, and hugs! We host 9 local Artists, as well as local music to help spread their unique love and light as well!

Anything but ordinary. Nothing but extraordinary!

Funky Sunshine Shop

All of our inventory is listed on our etsy shop! We will upload images here of new designs, but head to our etsy shop for a full inventory list!

Funky Sunshine Screen Prints

One-Of-A-Kind Threads

Everything we create is made with lots of love! We love making matching sets, and themed sets! Most of our items are fire safe, although a few pieces are not. 

We are working on a new webiste design, but for now please see our selection of dyes at :)

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